Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year

Today is leap day.

Today really shouldn't exist. Most of the time it doesn't exist.

I'm a little disappointed, actually. I have lived my whole life so far thinking that the once-every-then-and-again appearance of February 29th was no big deal. I think it's because Mr. Gatsas, my 8th grade science teacher explained it to us in class. Couple extra hours each year, bundle them up and turn them into a whole new day every then and again. Got it. I was marginally proficient in math, so I am good.

Today, however, I've come to recognize that I am missing the real meaning of Leap Year.  Its a day that shouldn't happen. How cool is that?  The fact that we can explain it with trips around the sun using our fingers and toes and maybe an abacus or two doesn't change the fact that its completely awesome.

I think it should be a national holiday.  A day to celebrate and recognize surprises and gifts that fall down on us like manna from heaven.

A whole day is way better than some hard to define bread stuff.  I guess if you're hungry, its not, but if you're not hungry, what could be better than a whole day?

This year, it falls on a Monday.  We'll need to talk about that.

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