Monday, February 22, 2016

Deal me In

Being a parent can seem way to similar at times to being a card dealer. You're kinda simultaneously part of the game and not part of the game.

We card dealers often try to control outcomes by stacking the deck. We use our experience to make sure that the right cards end up our kids' hands.

But really, we'd be better off teaching our kids what to do with the hand their dealt because sooner or later, they'll go to another table where the dealer isn't trying to stack the deck, or worse, actively stacking the deck against them.

But that would require occasionally watching our kids misplay a hand. We can and should provide some shelter for some time, but eventually they will change tables and dealers and our shelter will backfire against them.  

"I think you misplayed that hand, and here's why and here is what I would have done if I were in your shoes..." is much better than "Don't worry. One day you'll fill that inside straight."

But watching it unfold is painful and requires patience and immunity from judgemental and unwavering card stackers.

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