Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The end of the interconnected web, maybe. And Chocolate Cake.

I recently had a great, spontaneous conversation with a very new acquaintance that was immediately onto religion.  Normally not an early conversation topic, I took some risk and let this one run.

The conversation centered around how busy schedules and life’s commitments had somehow managed to overtake this person’s “walk with God” as a life priority.

I asked if possibly there was no difference between life’s commitments and walking with God.  How sure could you be that you weren't walking with God?  I don’t know if it was out of a true inability to understand my question or just southern politeness, but the question didn’t seem to land in a spot where an answer would have been forthcoming, and we moved onto more temporal topics.

Afterward, I wondered what my question had meant to me.  Do I believe that walking in the “real” or “human” world were somehow different, inferior or less meaningful than walking with God?  Is it even possible to not walk with God?

I came to the conclusion that I don’t believe it is.  Contrary to much popular thought, I do not consider myself to be part of a web of interconnected individuals.  Rather, I am part of a batter into which ingredients go individually which an entirely new thing emerges.  Both God and I are ingredients in this batter and therefore in the result.  

Taking me or God out of the mix would be like taking the chocolate out of the mix for chocolate cake. Still cake, but not the same. 

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