Thursday, August 30, 2012

The real reason they don't put knobs on the inside of closet doors

I've lived in my house now for seven or so years.  Just today, I noticed that there aren't any knobs on the inside of the closet doors.  I saw some symbolism here as I had been thinking about how boring liberalism had become.

Where I live, it is clearly not cool to be openly liberal these days.  As a reaction, so many of us are closet liberals. We don’t go to our churches anymore and we don’t put bumper stickers on our cars or we don’t much go out to peace rallies anymore.

Why not come out?  No need.  Liberals deride conservatives for their “rugged individualism”.  You know the kind, proud, card-carrying members of the NRA and Rush Limbaugh Nation who can quote Fox News verbatim.   We drive Prius’ and drink white wine, they drive F150’s and lean more toward PBR.  To each their own, right?

That’s the thing.  To each their own.  When it comes down to it, we liberals are the highly individual ones.  We, so sure of ourselves, avoid political and religious confrontations.  We have so many of us found our comfortable edge of the duality matrix and see no need in discussing anything with those who have yet to find out just how right we are. 

 “To thine own self be true” was a recommendation from a father to a son to avoid temptations that would put the son in conflict with his own self-interest and his own self-esteem. Is it even possible to be true to ourselves while mindfully distant from our communities and still call ourselves liberal?

We hast brought the closet unto ourselves!

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