Friday, July 13, 2012

The Power of Not Knowing

This video is 20 minutes.  Thanks to friend Chris Jimmerson for posting it on his site.

When I was done, I was left thinking "English really needs a word for 'not knowing.'"  Our language reflects a lot about our own understanding of the world and the absence of this word sheds a little light on how we look at things.  This is not the same as "unknown".  It is just the accumulated stuff we don't know.  Unknowns are normally known unknowns (otherwise, you wouldn't know they were unknown, right?!?!)

The French have a word that in English roughly means "the opposite of existence".  We rushed and came up with "nothingness" which doesn't accurately get the job done.

Maybe for not knowing, we go with something biblical, like "Eden".

Whacha doin?

I'm Edening, kinda.  I guess.

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