Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carts, Horses & Roads

Once it is understand that a problem has a potential solution, the absence of the implementation of that solution is clearly a choice – a choice that says that you prefer the problem to the solution.

There may be obstacles along the way that may need to be resolved first, but choosing not to resolve them along the way is not much more than a series of choices we sometimes call either “excuses” or a “reasons” depending on your perspective.

The power behind the choices can be tricky.  Power generally comes from a mixture of numbers of people and money. Most of the time, its hard to figure out which is the cart and which is the horse.

Vague carts and horses aside, it is usually quite easy to pick out the road.  Stepped on and rolled over by larger groups with more money, it is the omnipresent voiceless who pave the way.

Capital Democracy stumbles along not because it is optimal, but rather because it is the best we have come up with so far.  Fans say it’s fair because success is based on effort and work.  They forget about luck.  Forces over which we have no influence have a huge impact on results.  The systems rightly rarely rewards the absence of effort and work, but their presence is only one of several variables that affect success.  

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