Monday, May 22, 2017

Its Graduation Season

So many people are being graduated from high schools and colleges all over the place this year.  I kind of hang out in what might be called "affluent" circles where graduating again and again is kind of the norm.  This year, the graduation bug hit my house.  I am finishing up my (first and probably only) Masters degree.  My wife is finishing a professional degree and our youngest daughter is being graduated from high school. 

And now we move on.  But to where?  My daughter is most likely going to go to college.  My wife I think is done school for a while and ready to implement what she has learned.  For me, its a long-ish path whose end I can't really envision from here.

With growth, there is change.  With change there is loss.  Loss of what is known even if we were "so done" with what had been known.  And our expectations pop up.  "Now that I have this, done, this will happen."  The answer is always the same:  "Maybe, maybe not."  Yup, no matter where you go, no matter what you do, those are always the two choices.
As so many people and families I know are staring at graduation, I take a pause for them.  Ambiguity can be scary for some folks.  I hope they have the strength of community to address them and grow into their new selves.

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