Monday, May 15, 2017

Free Breakfast Eggs

Have you run into the yellow, egg-like substance served on hotel “free” breakfast bars yet?

Eggs a la 2017
I travel a lot for work, so I stay in a lot of mid-line hotels.  I see this stuff a lot.

What is it, exactly?  From a few feet away, it looks like eggs, but the closer you get to it, the less and less it looks like eggs.  I mean it still looks like eggs, but my bullsh!t sensors go off when I get too close.

There is even a US Egg Product Inspection Act.  It was passed during the Nixon administration, so we have been eating this sh!t for quite some time.

I remember a few months ago there was an accident on our highway when a tanker truck carrying what the news referred to as “processed egg product” overturned causing an egg spill.  We have a mayonnaise plant in town, so I’m assuming that’s where it was going.

At what point does our need to not eat processed egg product supersede our need keep costs down?  Am I the only one who wishes that our government would step up and define what eggs are?

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