Monday, February 1, 2016

St. Groundhog's Day

Several years ago, I re-wrote the liturgical calendar to have it make a little more sense for post-agricultural society.

I created a few Saints - Martin Luther King, Jr and the Groundhog for two.

For me - as I pointed out previously - here and here, Saint Groundhog is the patron Saint of Good Things to Come and Patience.

I recently learned, that my own personal religion is not the only adherent to the patron Saint of Good Things to Come or Patience.

Photographed by Arthistorygrrl. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikipedia
Christianity has Saint Brigid, an Irish Saint.  Her Saint's day is celebrated on a pagan celebration of Imbolc, which celebrates the beginning of spring.  She also shares her name with a Celtic Goddess.

Saint Brigid is so well respected amongst feminists that noted feminist artist Judy Chicago set a place for her in her work, The Dinner Party.  How about that for making a lasting impression.

Saint Brigid is not the Patron Saint of Good Things to come, however.  There doesn't seem to be one, which is why I made the Groundhog a Saint.

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