Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy St. Groundhog Day

Says she:    Why do you like Groundhog Day so much, anyway?
Say I:         Saint Groundhog Day.  
Says she:    (Smiling) Right.
Say I:         (Smiling)
Says she:    Well!
Say I:         Well, what?
Says she:    Aren't you going to answer the question?
Say I:         Which one again?
Says she:    Why do you like “Saint” Groundhog Day so much?
Say I:         Ah that one.  Yes.  That's a very good question.  (Smiling)
Says she:    (After a period of silence.)  Well!
Say I:         Well what?  You seem so upset.
Says she:    I'm not upset.  Why won't you answer the question - and don't say 'Which question?' again.
Say I:         Isn't that fun?
Says she:    (After a puzzled look and a few moments of consideration.)  Isn't what fun?
Say I:         That.   What we just did.  Knowing roughly what might happen and more or less when, but having just a little detail left off to make it interesting.  
Says she:    (The look now was somewhere between puzzled and annoyed.)  I...ah...
Say I:         See, most people think and even say that they like certainty, that they like to know what is going to happen and when.  They think life is best when its like a play, when everything is laid out in nice little bite-sized pieces.  But in reality, they don't...because...well, that's boring.  We go whale watching and then we're amazed when we see a whale.  What would be amazing is if we'd seen a whale while trying on new jeans at Belk.  That would have been amazing.  Saint Groundhog Day reminds us that some awesome shit is gonna go down soon, but you don't know when or even what.
Says she:    Sorry I asked.
Say I:         Like hell you are.

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