Monday, March 30, 2015

Doctor Appreciation Day

Today, March 30 is Doctor Appreciation Day.

Yup.  And I didn't even make that up.  Look here.

So, you may ask:  What exactly is wrong with appreciating doctors?  Do I have something against Doctors?  Am I some sort of twisted doctor-hater?

Of course not.  Who doesn't love their doctor?  I love mine.  Had him for ten years.  And I loved the one before that, my first one.  I have doctor friends, and doctor acquaintances and I have doctor clients.

What comes off as inauthentic about Doctor Appreciation Day is the same thing that comes of as inauthentic, or maybe just unaware when people change "Black Lives Matter" to "All Lives Matter".

Doctor Appreciation day for me is every day my doctor does something for me.  Even some days when I'm just happy my doctor did something for me, or for my wife or for my daughters.  Doctor Appreciation Day is EVERY DAY.

If you think "Black Lives Matter" misses that non-black lives also matter, you're missing that point too.  The point is EVERY DAY is "White People Matter Day".  I'm white and I can tell you that l don't always feel like the universe thinks my life matters.  The scary truth is, however bad my day is, at the end of the day, I'm still not black.

The old saying still has some truth in this very not post-racial America, and the truth is this:  No matter how uneducated a non-black person might be, no matter how unhealthy, no matter how unemployable...a non-black person can always still say:  "At least I'm not black."   And there would be some truth to that.

So, I'm just hoping that "Doctor Appreciation Day" was created by the greeting card industry, because if it wasn't, it misses the point just like "All Lives Matter" does.  Every day is Doctor Appreciation Day.

I am grateful, but I will skip celebrating "Doctor Appreciation Day".  I will, if I can get away today and take myself out for lunch, buy my waitress lunch and tell her its "Service Industry Appreciation Day", even if I'm the only one celebrating it and there are no greeting cards.

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