Monday, December 15, 2014

When the Fountain of Injustice is Justice

Say I:                 I wish they’d just made those police officers in Missouri and New York stand trial.
Says she:          Why?

Say I:                 It just looks like we’re covering up an issue rather than addressing it.
Says she:          Which issue?  I think there are many here. 
Say I:                Race is a huge issue, but I think it's bigger even than "just" race. One kid was killed because they thought he might have robbed a store.   Can you really die because you robbed a store or flee from the law or whatever he did?  The other one was selling illegal cigarettes or cigarette licence or something.  Seems like the response to the crimes in question was a little out of line.
Says she:         Yes it does.

Say I:                Did you hear about the 12 year old who was shot holding a toy gun.

Says she:         Yea, but you weren’t there.
Say I:                Right.  I wasn’t there for either of them and the safe thing is to presume that the media has this all out of whack.
Says she:         Sure, things may have gotten out of control.
Say I:                Yea, I know.  But isn’t that part of police training?  How to keep things from getting out of control?  Isn't that the point of policing in general - to keep what we can in some sort of order?
Says she:         Yes, but again, you weren’t there.
Say I:                I know.  I wish I had been.
Says she:          I know.  But really, what would the trial have done?  They didn’t do anything wrong.
Say I:                I know, I heard that expert talking on the radio.  It seems like all three were working under the rules of the law.  Makes me question the law.
Says she:         THAT is what makes you question the law?
Say I:                Yea.  I know.

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