Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Prayer for Pearl Harbor Day

73 years ago today, on a sunny Sunday morning, just before 8 am, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  2,535 souls died that day and 1,213 more were injured, but did not die.

Not quite 60 years later, on a seaonally brisk Tuesday morning, just before 9 am, the first of four coordinated attacks ended the lives of 2,997 souls and injured another 6,000.

The aftermath of that sunny Sunday morning in 1941 was in the next 1,346 days, an additional 3,228,504 souls lost their lives.

The aftermath of that brisk Tuesday morning in 2001 was that in the 5,566 days (and counting), another 198,354 souls lost their journey and another 121,811 have been injured.

As Pearl Harbor becomes a fleeting memory known only to those who studied it, I reflect on September 11 and hope.  I just hope.

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