Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good Bye, 2014

I am restless these days, frustrated with life's pace.  Too fast here, too slow there.  Impatience is such bother, I can hardly justify it, even when it is justifiable.  Co-existing with ambiguity is a "pissa" (to us a very New Hampshire term).

Taking pause to look back, 2014 had its moments.  I took a great course, met some great people, nudged the needle at work a little and did a lot of work helping my older daughter to launch herself onto a path of self-realization.  I came to realize that I did, in fact have a subconscious (my subconscious had previously been relegated to the bullshit pile) - sometimes like having a not-quite-comfortable-yet new pair of shoes and sometimes like having a new toy.

Some dreadful things happened around and even to me as well.  Unexplainable, unjustifiable illness, learning gone wrong and unhealthy self-congratulations still seem to make dynamic, if less frequent appearances.  There was some growth that comes out of pain and self-realization and I'm happy for its results, although the trail could have been less bumpy.

2014 was a lot like other years - equal parts "happy it came" and "happy its gone".

So, Good Bye, 2014, not in a "good-riddance" sort of way, but in a "see ya' round some time" kind of way.  You were good while you lasted.

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