Monday, October 13, 2014

Post-Marked Everywhere, Always

Hello, everyone

We're sorry we've been away for so long.  Far from here, they have a game that puts cricket to shame in terms of how long it takes to play.  Being rather time-insensitive, we're big fans of it - plus there are the social aspects  (wink, wink).

Anyway, it seems you've been busy while we've been gone.  We missed a lot, but they have a condensed version on Netflix, and we did watch most of that.  The crusades seemed a bit over the top, but then again in the grand scheme of things, you certainly seem to have chosen to generally be "over the top".  We would love to have stayed and chatted, know how it is.  However, in the interest of just about everything you know, we figured we'd leave you with a few observations.

First, we have to say that we hadn't considered just how dangerous religion would turn out to be.  Guess that one is on us.  In retrospect, we should probably have seen that one coming.  A few things on that:

     1. Not quite sure how religion has become something used mostly to separate you from each other.  Suppose its not really religion, more fear - religion seems to play more of a scapegoat role.  It is interesting how you've integrated fear into just about everything you do.  We're being polite.  Its quite troubling, actually.  From your perspective, things like saber-toothed cats must have seemed a little over the top on our part, but in our defense, they evolved while we were taking a nap.   Sorry if that set a bad precedent.

     2.  While we're on the topic of fear, the whole heaven thing you've created is quite intriguing.  Honestly, we've never seen that one before.  Hell, on the other hand is quite disturbing.  Have you talked with your therapist about that?

     3.  This concept you all seem to have developed of of being fundamentally messed up is just really, really hard for us to wrap our arms around.  You call it "original sin" and "original suffering".  "All life is suffering"?  That viewpoint tells us a lot about you, but we're not quite sure we're better for knowing.  We had to sit down when we heard it for the first time.  We happened to be in what you call a "pub" in what you're calling "Ireland".   One good thing about needing to sit down in a pub is that we simultaneously understood the purpose of beer, which under the circumstances, seems to be a very good idea.  Almost as good as the afore-mentioned heaven concept.

On another topic, you're not the first we've seen spend so much time and effort developing ways to kill each other.  You are, however the first to do it in tandem with developing ways to kill yourselves.  That's quite baffling, but may also explain beer and heaven.

Lastly, we just love what you did with the Enlightenment.  That was quite a wonderful rebound from your dark ages.  However, you seem to have taken it a bit too far.  Just because you can understand more than you thought you could doesn't necessarily mean that you can understand everything.  We by no means want to steal your hopeful thunder, but let us give you a hint:  you can't.  For that matter, we can't.  Of course understanding that you can't understand doesn't really fit into the whole "scientific method" thing you've developed - which is cute, we must confess.  Its certainly better than what you had before, but it is still quite limiting - just in a different way.

Well, that's all the time we have right now.  We would love to wish you well and encourage you to keep trying, but we're afraid that one group of you will somehow turn any well-wishes on our part into a license to punish or annihilate other group(s).  So we'll just leave it with we'll be back around some time.  Hopefully when we come back, you and Irish Pubs will still exist, and we can talk a few things over a pint or two.  Until then, best of luck.  We'll be rootin' for ya.

Peace and love.


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