Monday, October 20, 2014

Birthdays Cakes

Everyone is so focused on quality of life these days.  

Although I am sure that I would not want a long life of low happiness (happiness is a stand-in for quality).  I also am pretty sure that the whole James Dean thing is a bunch of crap, too.

I heard a comedian once wonder what might have happened had Martin Luther King not been assassinated.  Would he have pulled an Alex Trebek, or a Henry Winkler and be hocking life insurance or reverse mortgages on underproduced TV commercials?
"Hello, my name is Martin Luther King Jr.  You may remember me from such events as my "I Have a Dream" speech.  Have you ever considered what financial affect your absence would have on your family?"
And so what if he had? Long life and happy life are not mutually exclusive. Life full of birthdays.  With candles and birthday cake because how many bad days have you had that involved birthday cake?

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