Monday, September 22, 2014

Time for a Re-Write of the Ten Commandments

God spoke all these words:

I am God, your God, who watched you wander around and generally be mean to each other while simultaneously trying to figure out how things work.  Now, post-Newton, post-Darwin, my hope is that you’ve come to figure out these Ten Really Good Ideas:

1.   Go ahead and worship any god(s) you choose, including me. It’s all the same thing anyway. I'm not afraid of them because I am them.

2.   Your god(s), including me are not reasons to fear each other.   They’re reminders to love each other.  If your god is not a constant reminder to choose love over fear, then you may wish to check yourself and your friends out on that.

3.   Worshiping god(s) doesn’t mean giving up hope in yourself.  It is quite literally impossible to respect god(s) if you don’t first respect yourself.

4.   Teaching loved ones to fear or hate your god(s) is probably not a great idea and will take generations to unravel.  A relationship based on fear is never a good one.

5.   Making fun of your god(s) by using their name in a rude or disrespectful way is sort of a confession that you’re afraid of the unknown.  Take the unknown seriously, but don’t be afraid of it.

6.   Take a break every now and then.   Check in with yourself on your work/play balance.

7.   Be mindful of the way you treat those you love.  Even though they are not perfect and they don’t necessarily deserve your unconditional respect, you deserve to not bear the burden of having to withhold yourself from them.

8.   Be nice to each other.  Don’t murder anyone for god’s sake.  Also, don't break your commitments to your loved ones.  Ask before you take something that might not be yours already.

9.   Only you can make you happy.  Stuff and other people can’t make you happy.  Wanting it badly can drive you nuts and should probably be avoided.

10.For god’s sake, don’t be boring, tedious or pedantic.  You know you don’t like those sorts of people, why would you be one yourself?

This I can tell you:  “Don’t be afraid. The great sin is sinning against your own conscience.  Be true to yourself while keeping these Really Good Ideas and you will be at least able to see oneness with everything from where you’re standing."

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