Monday, September 29, 2014

Thank You, Saint Anslem, v 2.0

I had previously written a post entitled Thank You, Saint Anslem.  It was about the actual Saint and his theology.

This one is directed with gratitude to the Monks of the Abbey of Saint Anselm College.

When I younger, although we were happy, my family was not affluent [that's putting it rather mildly].  The Monks of the Abbey of Saint Anselm College allowed me to go to school there for four years and earn a Bachelor's degree for pennies.  I was graduated with no student loans.

A couple weeks ago, I was in a discussion with some pretty thoughtful friends and the quesiton came up about spending yet-unearned future lottery winnings, if they were to occur.  I was first to chime in, saying that I would repay the Monks.

One of the other group members called me out on this. 
Says He:  Do you think they allowed you to go to school there for free so that one day you will pay them back?
Say I:  No. 
Says He:  So, then why would you cheapen their gift to you by making it all about the money?
I was unable to respond.  I had no response.  My friend was correct.  I was cheapening my debt of gratitude to the Monk of the Abbey by making it all about money.

If I really want to pay the Monks back - not that I think they're asking for that - what I need to do is live a full life in the service of others, like they do.

They paid it foward, now its my turn.

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