Thursday, April 24, 2014

I ♥ My Church

There is a new t-shirt in town where I live.   I am seeing them everywhere.  It says “I ♥ My Church.”  I’m wondering why I find that offensive.

It took me while, but I think I’m onto something, finally.  I think the thing is that people don’t go out and make t-shirts.  I myself have never made myself a t-shirt, but I have bought a few, which infers that someone else made them.  I think what is rubbing me the wrong way is a church manufacturing t-shirts for people to wear.  Advertising is one thing, but advertising by manufactured affirmation seems a little icky for a church.

This made me feel like a prude, so I considered what would make me feel warmer.  I think it would be perfectly valid and actually wonderful if the church had manufactured t-shirts that said:  “My church ♥’s me.”  To me, that seems like a much greater affirmation.  Still weird, but not as weird to me as the other way around.

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