Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Only $7B? Such a deal!

This may be information to you as it was to me.  With the 2012 US Presidential election finally here, I just learned that the total cost of electing the President this time around will exceed USD$5 billion, and like a tip at the Waffle House, the cost of the congressional election was USD$2B.

Has there ever been a more embarrassing bit of news than this?   

Yes.  When you consider the incredible amount of resources that the losers will spend to ensure that none of the winner's initiatives are ever enacted, it's easy to come tot the conclusion that as a nation, apparently, our plan is to spend billions of billions of our own borrowed dollars to ensure that nothing ever happens.

The only upside to this is at least now we know who the enemy is.  It's not "militant Islam"; it's not the Chinese or the Russians.  It's us, isn't it?

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