Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Soul's Rules

The writer of the Gospel of Luke attributes a story to Jesus in chapter 10 that communicates to us through time that there is an awareness of societal rules that thinking souls are free to, and should critically analyze and implement. 

In this story, Jesus is reprimanded for healing a long-suffering soul on the Sabbath.  The temple leaders tell him to knock that off and to just heal folks on the other six days.  Jesus points out to them that the temple leaders themselves water their livestock on the Sabbath as to avoid causing suffering to the innocents.  He then draws that story back, saying that if they should water their livestock, then how is healing the sick on the Sabbath unjust?

It is a good question.  By what rules are we living that comfort us while causing harm to others?  Are we justified in benefitting from this arrangement, or is it our duty to rebel against our own comfort in favor of justice.

It is so hard to deal with these things, especially after knowing they are there.  The brokenness in the world begins with me whether I like it or not, but it is my choice whether or not it ends with me.  How hard to remember that the soul does not need to be captive to the rules under which the body lives.  

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