Friday, September 21, 2012

Earth Fare Grape Jelly

I have been sent a sign of my own affluence and my own excess.  You can argue out whether it came from heaven or from hell, from God or Satan.  Wherever its original source, I know it came to me from my favorite grocery store, Earth Fare.

It is:  Earth Fare Grape Jelly. 

So, I have a favorite grape jelly.  And yes, I have a favorite grocery store.  So what.  So, it's a little more expensive than other grape jellies.  So, it has some characteristics (ingredients/costs/flavor, etc) that have a story behind them that make me feel good about myself or at least my relationship with grape jelly.

I know this makes me affluent.  I know that due to my plumbing and my skin coulour, combined with my grape jelly, this makes me hold the trump card.  The mack-daddy.  I know that merely saying "I don't want any of it!" and offering to give it up simply validates that I have it and that I feel so empowered by having it that I have the arrogance to think I can give it up.

But rather, I should not choose the easy road and give it up.  I should not choose to make myself feel better by walking away from my affluence but rather by ensuring that the rest of the world has access to the (spiritual equivalent) of Earth Fare Grape Jelly.   The best you can hope for.  The best for me.  If its the best for you too, how am I to not enable the justice.

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