Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy In(ter)Dependence Day

What a remarkable day:  A day to celebrate something that really and truly cannot possibly exist.

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Complete and total independence is a myth.  You are never independent.  Sure, on this day, we declared our independence from Great Britain, who for nearly a century thereafter remained our largest trading partner and even today stands as our 6th largest.

Independent?  I hardly think so.

So, maybe the Canadians had it more accurately when they marked their political separation from Great Britain as “Dominion Day” – or in French Confederation Day (Since renamed “Canada Day”).  Canadians mark it as “the day we got together” as compared to our “the day we broke apart”.

We seem to have been high-maintenance drama queens from day one, don’t we.

I looked forever to find the Canadian Civil War, but never could find it.  Darn it.

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Ed, bad news. The link to buy the shorts doesn't work. Happy July 4th - is that okay? Just a date. Just another day. I'm starting to have more and more sympathy for the dogs of the world, and may spend the evening hours under my dining room table.