Monday, May 28, 2012

Through the Prism

Friend Steve Trocha recently posed a very interesting question.  It doesn't necessarily have a right or a wrong answer, but I think that our feelings about the nature of the answer go a long way in helping us to discern our view of the world through its unanswerable questions.
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the
Moon, 1973.
To be able to work with the question and your answer, you need to be at least ancecdotally aware of the Pink Floyd cover graphics for the Dark Side of the Moon album.  In case you're not so inclined, I've included the picture here.

So, here is the thing.  Three elements:  You (humanity), Religion, and God (or however you describe the Great Mystery(ies)).  Three elements in the picture:  the ray of light, the prism and the rainbow.

Ok, so Go!.  Which one is which? 

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Lyn Betz said...

Ooo, fun question!