Friday, March 9, 2012

What We Think Upon Grows...

A friend of mine just bought one of those cars that you don’t see on the road very often.  I asked her, now that you’ve bought that car, don’t you seem them on the road everywhere?  She laughed and agreed.

How many of the conclusions we make are dependent upon our own biases?  The greatest bias of all is “intent bias”.

Like my friend who now sees her rather uncommon car all around town, my current intent bias is to see intent biases probably more often than they actually exist.  It’s possibly a side affect of the current political season and its bordering on cynicism.

There is an old Zen saying:  “What you think upon grows.”  This is proof that we have known about intent bias for a long time. What happens when our intent has too much wishful thinking in it?  Can fear, uncertainty and doubt mixed with scarcity mentality and categorical “thinking” actually be driving our intent and therefore our results?

We should be careful what we wish for...or think upon...depending on how you define either.

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