Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reposting: Karen Armstrong's Charter For Compassion

Friend Chris Jimmerson blogged recently regarding Karen Armstrong's Charter for Compassion.  His blogpost has a 3 minute video and a link to the charter itself.

Can I continue to challenge my liberally religious community that living a faith absent a creed has outlived its utility?

(PS:  How cool is it that she merges the enso circle with the infinite loop?? Darn! I wish I had thought of that!  Imperfect infinity!   Perfect!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

I love the message that Karen Armstrong brings. I am new to the UU tradition and am feeling my way along, learning so I don't propose to be able to speak any words of challenge. However, I am do think the charter for compassion is so universal and so incredibly beautiful and life-giving, it seems to be have a wholeness that everyone could adopt.

Thank you for the conversation about vulnerability with Brene Brown. I am a long time fan of her. I appreciate being able to stretch and consider deeply what role vulnerability plays in my life, singularly and in community.

Eddie Proulx said...

Just today saw your comments. Thank you for engaging a conversation.

I consider that the UU tradition is also universal, beautiful, life-giving, and has a wholeness that everyone can adopt.

Maybe that's the magnetic field that attracts people like you and I to universal wisdom like what comes from Brene Brown, Karen Armstrong and UUism, to name just a few.