Monday, June 5, 2017


Someone once told me that they saw life as a series of doors.  Some doors we see and walk through.  Some we see and avoid.  Some we see and are sort of pushed or pulled through.  Then, there are lots and lots we just miss entirely.

Thursdays are normally boring.  That's why television content providers focus so much on that day, because people don't have much to do.  But every then and again, on a particular Thursday a door appears before us.  We actually see it.  The question is do we walk through it?

Those pesky expectations get in the way.  What do we expect there to be on the other side of that door on any particular Thursday.  Those expectations cause risk or elation and we either walk through or we don't.  And then, does what's on the other side of the door on any particular Thursday meet or match our expectations?  The whole time, we are so preoccupied with truing up the reality with the expectations that we miss what is in front of us.

My friend who told me about life as a series of doors did so to communicate to me that walking through them is good, but having expectations about what lies on the other side is bad.  My friend told me that it was hard to reconcile this until you got good at it.  My friend told me that once I finally got good at it, I would forget about whatever it was that kept me on this side of so many doors for so long.

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