Monday, September 5, 2016

I am very conflicted on Labor Day. 
My ancestors and extended family for the most part fit into the category of Labor, but I am now technically “Management”, thus separating me from Labor.  This albeit my strong affinity for Labor from a socio-political standpoint and a gnawing feeling that although I am “Management”, I am certainly not a member of the Capital Class and my prospects are much more closely aligned with those of Labor than they are those of what had historically been lumped into the “Management” category of producers.
I also am managed, so I’m labor to someone.  Plus, I get the day off as though I were labor.  But, I suppose the premise there is that days off for “Management” aren’t anything special.  I suppose there is some truth to that.
I remember that for some, being management/labor would be a career goal, and I respect that I am taking up someone’s hallowed ground.  Someone would love to have a position similar to the one I hold.
I will keep this in mind when I celebrate Labor Day.  Not in a big, lurking socio-political, read-about-it-in-the-papers way, but in a personal way.  I will respect the position I hold, know that it is coveted and that I am honored to hold it and that my solidarity needs to extend to those clearly in a labor role on these days.  One person at a time.

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