Monday, July 4, 2016

America Bashing

Recently, in a discussion held in Grenville, SC regarding some of the racial challenges facing America, one member of the group of about forty stood and challenged the group to stop "America Bashing".  I haven't seen this person again since, but I came to learn that he is a businessman and fairly open minded - after all he was at a group discussion on racial challenges.

He was reacting to several points brought as part of the larger group discussion.  Here are a few that I remember:

  • One person recommended changing names on resume if your name sounded "too black" as a proven successful tactic.
  • One person discussed being called a "nigger lover" for supporting a black political candidate.
  • One person addressed how gas prices are higher in black areas of town.
  • One white person discussed being pulled over in a car with a black man and a Latino and the policeman asking for both of their identifications, but not his.
  • One person discussed that the number of people been killed in America post-9/11 in religiously motivated hate crimes now exceed the number killed in the 9/11 attacks.
  • One person discussed the high risk of being an illegal immigrant as these people voluntarily waive their right to protection under the law due to their illegal status for fear of being deported.
If open, critical thought regarding the standing of our country that centers around its negative attributes can't be seen as anything but "America Bashing" even by educated, caring people, what hope do we really have.

America is broken.  Maybe not for you.  But as long as it is broken for someone, it is broken for everyone.

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