Monday, December 14, 2015


There is entirely too much noise in my life right now.

First, there is actual noise. With improvements in sound distribution technology, it seems like more and more public places are louder and louder. Finding a quiet place to have a beer and a snack, for example, has become nearly impossible.

The other noise isn't so much noise as it is junk. Right now, I have been so busy that I haven't been very good at keeping my e-mail in-box tidy and before I know it, I have 600 unread messages. A quick scan of those messages reveals that all but a couple are meaningless. They're mostly advertising or "affinity groups" wanting to know more about me. I refuse to take another survey unless you pay me.

There is also the stack of - technically, it's mail, but in actuality it's really just personally delivered, long distance recycling. 

No wonder being extreme has become the norm. It's the only way to differentiate yourself above all the noise in people's lives to get their attention. 

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