Monday, August 10, 2015

Concept of Balance

Eastern religions have a concept of balance that goes beyond the personal - its metaphysical.

Western religions have this too, although the people in control of interpreting what Jesus, Moses and Muhammad meant have buried it.

The other day, I was talking with someone about balance and she said to me that some things were not meant to be in balance.  For example, poverty should not balance wealth.  I thought about this long after the conversation had ended and I do think she has a point, but maybe not for the same reasons she had in mind.

Economic justice is a man-made system. It's not something like male and female; salty and sweet; old and new.  Economics doesn't happen naturally.  So, she has a point in refusing to apply a concept of balance to it because the balancing point would then also be man-made and subject to manipulation.

But, what about knowledge?  Is knowing supposed to be balanced with non-knowing?  [And not-knowing is not the same as ignorance.  Ignorance implies that something can be known, but simply isn't known.  Not-knowing is something that science can't ever get to understanding.  We need a word for that.]

Since we've made the modernist move from believing that everything we didn't understand was somehow caused by God all the way to believing that "nothing is unknowable", science has basically replaced God.  Many of us are more comfortable with this replacement because it gives us hope that we can control our own definition, meaning and destiny.

I wonder if there is some middle ground to be found between "God is a mystery" and "God is Science".  For me, they are both right, but to them, both viewpoints fight each other to stand alone, one without the other.

Personally, I am uncomfortable in a world where everything is knowable.  It's like a wet blanket over the mystery of life.  Love goes from being God's presence to a series of electro-chemical reactions in our brains.  Beauty goes from being a gift from God to being some subjugation to the collective opinion. 

I do like anti-biotics and heart-transplant surgeries - I'm not wishing for some sort of reversion to the blood-letting days, but some sort of happy medium would be nice.

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