Monday, June 1, 2015

You know, you have always been such a disspointment to me.

On television, two characters, long ago friends, separated by something that now seems petty had recently had reason to come back together. Ater their reuniting experience is over, the taller one reveals to the shorter one that despite outward appearances, over the coming monhts, a terminal disease and will result in a slow, painful and agonizing death.  The taller one has asked the shorter one to preempt the suffering - perform euthanasia to spare everyone the pain the next few months will bring.

In the story, the shorter one resists for long time. At one point when the shorter one refuses yet again, the taller one says "You know, you have always been such a disspointment to me".

I sat there watching the scene and I realized just how fully these two characters loved one and other, despite their separation.  What feelings of both pain and joy it must have been to be told that you were "such a dissapointment".

To have someone care about me and hold me in such high regard while simultaneously painfully aware of my limitations must be a gift like none other.  To care so deeply as to be able to tell me point blank, without emotion or coercion like the taller character did, that I was a dissapointment.

I hope one day, someone I love will tell me that I have been such a disappointment.  At that moment, I will receive the gifts of a glimpse of the power of love an a good look into my own real power.

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