Monday, May 4, 2015

The New No-No Song

My favorite Beatle is George.  However, I am gaining a new appreciation for Ringo.  George still trumps Ringo, but Ringo is rising in the ranks.
[NB:  Not big on Paul at all and John is far too much of an icon to be considered for favorite Beatle status.  Debate amongst yourselves.]

Anywhoo, Ringo has this goofy little song call the No-No Song.  In it, he one-by-one explains why he can't really drink, smoke pot or snort cocaine anymore.  He was 35 in 1974 when he recorded it.  He's 74 today and still sings it.

I'm 48, but I've been rounding up to 50 for some time.  I laugh at the song because if I were writing my own no-no song today, the main culprits would be gluten, dairy and meat.

I say, no, no, no, no I can't do that no more. 
I'm tired falling asleep when I don't want to. 
No thank you please, it only makes me feel like crap,
and then it makes it hard to do just about anything else.

My, my, my how the times have changed.

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