Monday, March 9, 2015


Says he:    You write a blog?
Say I:        I do.
Says he:    I didn’t know that.
Say I:        Oh, well.  I guess…
Says he:    How many readers do you have?
Say I:        [I stalled, but it was not needed, I knew the answer.]  Oh, well, I guess…. 
Says he:    I mean, just an estimate.
Say I:        Well, the number is very close to zero.
Says he:    So, what you’re saying is you write a blog that nobody reads.
Say I:        Well...basically, yes.
Says he:    Why?
Say I:        Well, even though nobody reads it now, that doesn’t mean that nobody will ever read it….Plus, its like buying souvenirs.
Says he:    Souvenirs?
Say I:        Yes, so that future me can remember current me or even past me without romanticizing or demonizing.
Says he:    So, you’re not going to remember yourself.
Say I:        Probably not, or at least probably not objectively.
Says he:    But so will everyone else.
Say I:        Hence the reason I’m not too concerned about my low readership.
Says he:    Still seems like a waste of time.
Say I:        Might be.  Won’t know for a few years yet.
Says he:    Is that like Carlin’s “Braindroppings”?
Say I:        Well, in a way yes, and in a way no.  Come to think of it, probably more yes due to the poop reference.

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