Monday, July 28, 2014

$1 Beer Night

It seems like I am not the only one who thought $1 beer night at the ballpark sounded like such a good idea.  The line to get into the place is really, really long.

The average age of the "baseball fans" tonight seems to be about 21 1/2, roughly, or in more personally relevant terms, less than half my age and not that much older than my daughter, who I love dearly, but with whom, 9 innings of progressive intoxication is no longer my cup of tea.

But, after all, it is $1 beer night.  How bad could it get?  Where do you draw the not-worth-it line on $1 beer night?  How about a band consisting of a drunken trombone player, an asthmatic bagpiper and one of those wind-

up monkey toys that klanks away at a drum and a symbol?

What about too-loud karaoke in a too-small bar - and not the Japanese kind, the American kind?

The natural follow-up to these questions, is of course:  What kind of beer is $1?

Alas, my body turned around and walked away while I considered these things as well as other life mysteries such as whether a trombone player is a "trombonist" or a "tromboner".

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