Sunday, December 2, 2012

'Tis the season for sharing, after all, dammit!

The sign above the donut case at the coffee shop this morning read:

“’Tis the season for sharing!”

As I waited, I considered what that makes all the other seasons. 

Abruptly, the patron on line behind me demanded faster service from the haggard soul working behind the counter. The patron who was wearing expensive business clothes demanded that the worker who was covered in powdered sugar pay due respect and honor people’s time constraints. (PS, it didn’t quite come out that way, but that was the jist).

When the worker handed over the long overdue coffee, instead of “Thank you”, the patron said “finally”.
The worker responded “have a good day”, but I’m pretty sure that the words didn’t match the thoughts at that moment.

Maybe a bigger sign would help?

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