Friday, August 10, 2012

Closed-heartedly open minded

Is it possible to be so open minded, that you close off your mind to actually making a decision and formulating a truth?

Is it possible that in being mindfully “wide-open” that you fail to consider that some positions are absolutely contrary to our own truths?

Is it possible that it can actually be mutually beneficial to reject the other side’s opinion outright?

It is personally painful to do this.  To tell someone else they’re wrong is something we tend to avoid.  We demonize and label others to justify our disdain for them and validate our intention to keep a distance between us.

There is an aspect of this rooted in convenience – who has the time to engage in this manner.  And, of course convenience is often a defence for ethical wishy-washiness.

Can I be openhearted enough to be closed-minded when the situation calls for it?

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