Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Emotion

What a great feeling!  This emotion was one that prior to this experience I think I only knew hypothetically.  I had never really taken it quite seriously before.  Surely others had acted in a self-centered way toward me in the past, but those don't bother me, I think because you have to really care about the other person to really be upset by them. 

I know myself that I usually didn’t want to purposefully offend anyone, but when it happens, I often would rationalize away the mutual discomfort by mentally sharing the blame with the person I offended – they were a little too sensitive and not thinking about why I could not possibly have meant it in just the way they took it.

I know that we all have to share our space and that we’re going to offend each other.  I don't think that the answer is trying to avoid offence, but I need to be mindful of when there is a need to know how to speak up when I'm actually offended and apologize without parsing blame when I offend.

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Welcome to the club - it's about friggin' time you joined us! Sheesh!