Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Ode to Peter Farriday

Friend Peter Farriday suggested that a visual aid to help "see" an Enso Peace Circle.  So, in hommage to his poetry, I sat down and writted him a poem:

An Ode (Possibly the Only Known Ode?) to Peter Farriday
Peter says he'd like to see
Just what my circle thingy means to me.
Enso Peace Symbol on 2005 Prius.
Such a radical fashion statement!
"Said he:  Put a picture! so that I might find
Just what you're seeing in your mind."
Ok, said I, I can do this
Its a a bumper sticker on my Prius.
Please don't laugh that the whole world can see
A religious symbol on my forty-five m-p-g!

But from here, the story goes,
Into a tale of tears and woes.
For my quest, searching both wide and far
An artist to put onto my computer what is now on my car.
For this enso peace you see, I bought
And I can't find the creator of this art.
I would love for the world to show
My little enso peace, in the colours of rainbow.

So if a graphic artist you should know,
Especially one who loves enso (or peace)
Please ask them to let me know just how much dough
It could cost me to make it so.


Ava said...

Loved it but don,t give up your day job.



Eddie Proulx said...

I will not, would not run from here.
Becuase I hold it oh, so dear.

LizJames said...

Love it! :-)