Friday, February 17, 2012

Fundamental Truth of Modern Humanity

This is the second or maybe third time I've watched this, but this time, I'm watching it from a whole new framework having just experienced a very transformative January.  I think this person expresses one of the fundamental truths about humanity.  Fear drives the reptile mind and we don't recognize when we're in that mind.

I wish she had given some pointers, some answers to the question "Now What?".  I think she tried, but they are too vague to be actionable.

Let's watch this together.  Then live our lives, then watch it again.  Then live our lives some more, and then watch it again and then maybe send me some ways that you have adapted to this and I can curate them and post them back.  Discussions below work too.

(PS.  This is a Ted Talk.   You can also get the video here:


Lyn Betz said...

Wow, Ed, great video! Thanks for sharing. She's so right - one of the things that surprised me when I did my journaling on CaringBridge as I struggled through my tumor treatments was that when I shared my whole heart, people responded and connected with that in very powerful ways. I'm a believer!

Eddie Proulx said...

i didn't know about your tumor treatments. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm glad you liked this video, though. I think its a paradigm changer.